Thursday, 19 February 2009

A wonderful hotchpotch of sparkle, pattern and chatter!

I just love rummaging around in antiques shops and vintage fairs, so I was over the moon when I spotted a large vintage fair in Bristol last weekend. I spent almost 3 hours there having a good look at everything. I also made a few purchases.
Shopping vintage is always a great way to pick up something individual, something that no one else has. A fab vintage pair of boots for example, will make a great addition to your wardrobe. Fashions come round again and again ensuring you’ll pick up something that’s on-trend yet unique and yummy, if you know what to look for.

This season ‘forever pieces’ is a big trend. Invest in items which transcend the seasons, and work with lots of outfits such as a jacket. Where better to find that than at a vintage shop or fair?

Before you hit the stalls it’s a good idea to make a list of some of the things you might be looking for; it’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the wonderful hotchpotch of sparkle, pattern and chatter! For example; I went along hoping to find a little snakeskin hand bag for next season, some jewellery that would also work in the summer, but that looked a bit individual and, of course, I was keeping my eye out for items that might work for some of my clients!

To see if there’s going to be any in your area follow this link to Blind Lemon Vintage’s website: they also link to other vintage fairs. If you can’t bare all that hunting on foot, why not take a look from the comfort of your home. Some of the stallholders who were there have websites so here are a couple to make life a little easier for you: - For great quality vintage designer items - For unique headresses handmade from vintage jewellery

Some other Websites worth visiting: – A good selection of vintage pieces and a great place to buy new, retro t-shirts – Great choice of accessories - Vintage clothing and accessories – Browse through the decades to find what you’re looking for, they also sell vintage fabrics and trims

So, there’s no excuse; get rummaging!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Hurrah for spring summer clothes!!

Saturday was a day of research (well, that’s what I like to call it).

I braved the snow and ice (I did, I literally ice skated down the road in my little car) and went to London. I spent the day with some of the other lovely Alicia Kite Image Consultants. We had such a girly day, drinking Lattes and talking about all the latest trends. We spent most of the day in the fashion Mecca that is Harrods. It looks like summer is going to be a great season for fashion, and I can’t wait. There’s something for everyone whether it’s floaty florals that take your fancy or you’re more of an eighties girl.

So, if you’ve started to think about what to wear when the sun eventually comes out then here are some handy tips before you part with your pennies:

Number one rule: Make sure you’re choosing items that work for your body shape. There’s no point in forking out lots of money for something because it’s deemed to be ‘the must have item’ for this season if it doesn’t work for your shape. Trust me you won’t feel good in it so you probably won’t wear it.

Try and focus on your positive attributes: Women spend most of the time trying to hide the parts of their body they don’t like that they forget to show off their best parts. If you’ve got a great waist then show it off!

Get out all your summer clothes from last season to remind yourself what you’ve got.

Does it go with at least two other things in your wardrobe? This sounds like a bore but believe me, if you want your wardrobe to work really hard for you then you need to be purchasing items that slot seamlessly into your wardrobe.

Is it the same as something you’ve already got? This is a mistake that a lot of us make. We get into a habit when we shop; do you find yourself shopping for the same things, in the same shops time after time?

Step out of your comfort zone a little and you might be pleasantly surprised!