Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Accessorista,

Accessories are a fab way of instantly updating the look of an outfit. Not only can you make casual outfit dressier; just by changing the shoes and bag, but you can re-work outfits you’ve had for years. Add a handbag in the latest colour or a pair of ‘must have’ shoes, and your outfit from yesterday will be brought bang up to date.

Accessories are becoming such an important part of every wardrobe and as a result, Kinder Bueno has spotted a new social group of young, fashion-conscious women, emerging from the economic downturn – the accessorista, women who accessorise and recycle their wardrobes with every season.

Kinder Bueno’s Vanessa Kennedy said: “The emergence of the accessorista comes as shoppers are becoming more conscious about revamping their wardrobe and instead opting to treat themselves with smaller, less expensive pieces in order to revamp their look. It seems to be working and having a positive impact on their confidence and purse. It seems a little bit of what you fancy is good all round! So we’re thrilled to be giving our consumers an opportunity to win their very own designer bag, an accessory we know they’ll love!

Kinder Bueno is offering you for 100 days the chance to win your very own must-have designer bag in a daily prize draw. Running until December 2009, participants simply need to log onto www.bueno-designerbag.com to enter the free prize draw and win a little bit of what you fancy!


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