Tuesday, 1 March 2011

More photos from Gok's roadshow in Bristol

The Bristol-based episode of Gok’s Road show will be aired on Channel 4 tonight! Here are some more photos from the finale of Gok’s stylish week in Bristol. The not so great one’s are mine (it was freezing and I was shivering) and the other’s are courtesy of Elaine Teh.

As always, Gok styled three women. I have to say they looked gorgeous as they shimmied down the catwalk.  Make sure you’re watching Channel four at 8pm to see who won the fashion face off.

Courtesy of Elaine Teh

Courtesy of Elaine Teh


SJP said...

Your pics are ace - mine all came out rather blurry which I blame on my frostbitten fingers : ) Spotted you on the show too, you looked fab! x

Niki said...

Thanks :) Was ever so strange seeing myself on TV! Was lovely to meet you, hope you're liking your new home on Wordpress xx