Friday, 8 April 2011


This next post is long overdue, from Last Friday in fact!

I was invited to the Oxvamp fashion show last Friday and couldn’t say no. It was the perfect opportunity to get some inspiration for my own shopping trip the following week...a day going charity shop shopping around Bristol for some new quirky items to add to my wardrobe.

It was also the perfect opportunity for a girly night out with my best friend and sister (who lives too far away, in Buxton). After some wine and very yummy cakes that looked too good to eat we took our seats for the show.

As I said in an earlier post, the fashion show showcased unwanted items from the Oxfam Hub in Portishead that had been lovingly re-styled and re-vamped by UWE fashion students and Orange Street studio members. UWE Fashion student’s designs were the first to hit the catwalk.  It was wonderful mix of military styling and big textures. Some outfits were quite avant-garde but others were much more wearable, see what you think:

Next up were the Orange street studios re-vamping.

 Both created new and interesting pieces out of the unwanted items that had been donated and it was great to see such unique pieces walk down the catwalk. Things get very repetitive on the high street, and (to my disappointment) disposable fashion is becoming more and more popular. Shows like this are so important because not only do they inspire us all to try something new, but even more importantly they remind us that it’s possible to shop responsibly and ethically, and on a small budget.

Thanks Anna for inviting me x

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