Saturday, 24 September 2011

live blogging!

Well, this is a bit different!  I've literally just finished taking a regular client of mine shopping for her autumn\winter wardrobe and am now sitting in the middle of Cabot Circus, typing this post for my blog live!  It's a little hectic and to be honest with you, quite scary.  I'm not a natural writer and generally spend ages typing up posts in Microsoft Word, before checking the spelling and pasting it into my blog.  To say I'm a little outside my comfort zone is an understatement.  Anyway, I'm here to write about the show, not tell you how long it takes me to pull together posts for my blog. 

Well, the show was short and sweet and the outfits looked great (bar one that I just couldn't get my head round - blue cord shorts and a pale fringed leather jacket just doesn't do it for me).  Fashions from House of Fraser were showcased covering adrodgyny and colour blocking for women, and sharp retro style tailoring and heritage for men.

My favourite look had to be girl meets boy, masculine tailoring for women.  I loved the the edgyness of the leather and sharp tailoring contrasted with soft feminine silk and naughty lengths.  This outfit was the star of the set.  I love the leather shorts - if only I had the legs.

Colour blocking was done in easy to wear shades and even more wearable shapes.  Simple dresses were finished off with statement accessories that popped against the outfits. 

This colbolt blue dress and sunshine yellow bag looked fabulous and prove it's not hard to pull off this trend.

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