Sunday, 11 September 2011

Modern day stylista

Pippa Middleton is turning into a bit of a style Icon.  A week doesn’t go by without seeing her in the celeb magazines.  And what about those shopping frenzies that follow? They have the power to bring a website crashing down!

I should probably come clean at this point, and confess to not being much of a fan of Pippa’s look, she has a very ‘classic ‘look for someone in their twenties – I prefer something a bit more edgy. However, writing this column has somewhat altered my opinion of her. It’s all too easy to be ‘in fashion’ and even easier to look terrible in the process.  Being stylish is much harder; it takes a degree of confidence and an ability to understand your shape and how to dress to suit it best.  Pippa may not be at the forefront of the fashion scene, but she’s absolutely got style.

I might even go as far as saying she’s a style icon for the modern day stylista, not only is she photographed wearing items again and again, but she shops on the high-street, most recently at Zara, French Connection and Whistles.  She invests in classic pieces, building up a collection of clothes that work hard to earn their place in her wardrobe.  She re-works outfits to create numerous looks that unlike some of the regularly papped celebrities, are relatively easy to recreate. 

So while I still might not be a huge fan of Pippa’s look (I still think it’s a little old for her) she knows how to build a great wardrobe and develop a style that’s not a slave to fashion, and that’s something to be commended.  So if you fancy working Miss Middleton’s style, then these pieces certainly wouldn’t look out of place in her wardrobe.

Handbag Pied A Terre at House of Fraser £225

Leopard print wrap dress from Florence and Fred at Tesco £16

Ballerina’s from Dune £55

Boyfriend jacket from Mint Velvet £99

This comes from my  column in Folio magazine's September issue

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