Friday, 21 October 2011

Ooh La La!

Last night I spent the evening surrounded by beautiful people, champagne, and lingerie at The Private Vintage Club in The Opium Bar in Bath.  Normally I head to local fashion events on my own, but this time my husband came with me.  Can’t think why....maybe it was the thought of the lingerie models that would be shimmying down the catwalk?

I’d never been to The Opium Bar before but I think it might be my new favourite place to head on a night out. The decor is gorgeous with vintage furniture set against seductive lighting and painted ceilings.  Unfortunately I turned up fashionably late which meant that all the seats had gone by the time we arrived.  We had to make do with standing at the end of the catwalk which actually ended up being a great spot.  We were near the photographers, the bar and the lovely Christina Sim from

We enjoyed Champagne and Mojito’s while the models showcased beautiful lingerie from Hannah Dulcie and fabulous vintage dresses from Scarlet Vintage.  They looked amazing. 

Despite the Mojhitos I managed to take quite a few photos and even attempted a short video.  I won't subject you to all the photos, just my favourites.


jhon said...

the collection is really nice and thanks for sahring!!
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David Hammonds said...

Fab write-up of the event, Niki. I've blogged it too with some pretty photographs over at:

debbie said...

Lovely write up! Thanks so much, was lovely to see you-glad you had fun and enjoyed the evening. Will let you know when we do it again! xx

JimJ said...

Is there space for a fashion show in there?? Well, I guess there is. Looking good!