Tuesday, 13 December 2011

No Black Jeans, Day 1

Today is the first day of the challenge set by my husband for me to go for seven days without wearing my favourite “wear it all the time” item of clothing - black jeans.  I had a new client today and spent the morning sorting out her wardrobe.  I’d normally chuck on my black jeans and a pretty blouse as it’s not unusual for me to end up scrabbling around on the floor searching for clothes at the back of the wardrobe.  But today that wasn’t an option...
Instead, I opted for this blue skater dress from Whistles teamed with shoe boots.  I’ve had this dress for a while and I’ve worn it loads, so I thought I’d change the look a little by wearing a peter-pan collar t-shirt underneath it.  I love the way it changes the look of the dress and makes it a little more girly. It does take some time to arrange it so it’s comfortable though.  The belt I normally wear with this dress vanished when I was rushing around on a shopping trip with a client.  It was one of those ones that just ‘pop’s’ together so I was bound to lose it eventually.  Anyway, I ran out of time to find another belt so had to grab this one, it’s a little too big for my waist so I tried to make a feature of it...I think it works?
Whistles dress
Oasis t-shirt
KG shoe boots

When I arrived home, the weather had gotten really crazy and I was frozen, so I layered my new favourite chunky jumper over the dress and added this scarf.  I’d forgotten how difficult it is to take decent photos inside when it’s dark so apologies for the poor photography skills.  I’m in the office all day tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be able to make the most of the daylight.
Marks and Spencer Limited jumper
H&M scarf
Topshop loafers

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