Thursday, 1 December 2011

Oliver Bonas opens in Cabot Circus

This week is flying by, I can’t believe it’s Thursday already !  I’ve spent most of the week shopping with clients, which I love doing, but it’s starting to get sooooo busy in town now.  I’m really starting to miss the mid week lull that I normally take advantage of.

I made the mistake of taking a client shopping yesterday during the strikes. We’d had it booked in for a while but it dawned on me as I queued into Bristol on the M32, that town might be a little busy. My initial fears turned into reality as I drove around the city centre trying to find a car park that had space.  All the car parks were completely full and I had to drive back and forth between them until eventually one of them opened the gates and let me in.  Despite this somewhat stressful beginning to my day, the shopping trip was a success, (we even managed to wangle the HOF discount that wasn’t starting until the following day).  When I’d finished the shopping trip, I thought I’d take the opportunity to do a spot of Christmas shopping.  It had taken me long enough to park so I thought I might as well stay.

My Mum has almost finished her Christmas shopping, and I’d barely given it a thought until yesterday.  I know it’s only 1st December, but not only has my Mum bought all her presents but they’re all wrapped and ready for despatch!  As you can imagine, this has just highlighted my lack of organisational skills and has left feeling a little panicked.  Well, deciding to stay back after my shopping trip to start the mammoth task of finding the perfect gifts was a great idea and ended up beign rather little less daunting when I spotted this fabulous new shop.  Gerry Webber is long gone, and in its place is my saviour this Christmas, Oliver Bonas.  I found something for my Sister and Mum in less than five minutes, that’s got to be a record!

The inside of the shop is light and spacious.  It’s full of gorgeous home ware, cute dresses and jewellery.  This is their first shop to open outside of London, and is a great addition to Cabot Circus.


Jenna said...

looks fab; always nice to see brands extending outside of london!

Niki said...

Hey Jenna, I agree! Shopping in Bristol just gets better and better :)