Monday, 12 December 2011

Seven day challenge

This post was my husband’s idea.  I was complaining to him that I have nothing to wear since I took my favourite black jeans to the dress makers to be repaired.   He just looked at me and said “you always wear them” then promptly challenged me to go for a whole week without them.  “It would make a great blog post!” he said.    

Favourite black jeans :)

As a personal stylist, confessing that I might be stuck in a bit of a style rut is pretty hard to say.  I spend my life pushing others out of their ruts, how can I possibly be stuck in my own!?  While I do wear most of the items hanging in my wardrobe and am the master of mixing and matching, I guess I do fall back on my black jeans far too easily if I don’t have time to pull together another outfit.  So, with this in mind I’ve decided to take up his challenge.  I’ve got a quieter work week this week, so hopefully I’ll have the time to document my journey daily. 

I’m actually a little nervous, not least because it means I’ve got to upload at least seven outfit posts, but also because it feels like I’m being tested.  I do think it will be a great thing for me to do though, and it might give me an insight into what my clients go through - but with only myself for advice! So, I’d love it if you got involved in this, I know I’ve got some very stylish readers so would love it if you shared your thoughts and advice or, even better, if you joined me! 

If you fancy gettng involved, have a think if there is something that you find yourself wearing again and again - a favourite item that you struggle not to wear and join me in my seven day style challenge.  Share your journey and your outfits!

Simply comment below and share your link so we can see how you get on.  Who's in? I start tomorrow, how about you?

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