Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Glorious Grunge

So, eight months on and my husband and I are still living with my parents. It’s quite scary how quickly the time has passed, when we packed all our worldly belongings away, we didn’t anticipate they’d be there for this long. 

We visited our stuff in storage the other day to try and find our winter clothes that we’d packed and thought we wouldn’t need.   We were trying to think if there was anything else we wanted to take out while we were there but it struck me that we couldn’t really remember what was in the boxes, and didn’t seem to miss much of it either.  It just goes to show how little we actually need. 

There is one thing I'm really missing.  Whilst my winter boots would be pretty useful right now as pumps don’t really cut it in this weather, I can do without those.  It’s our music that I miss the most.  I love music; it takes me away to another world...or fills my head with memories.  It reminds me of awesome times (and the not so good ones) and great friends.  It can really affect my mood. 

When we got back in the car after managing to find some warmer clothes, Al handed me a CD and said ‘thought you might like this’.  It was a Soul Asylum CD, a band I loved when I was 15.  Listening to it took me straight back.  I was really into grunge when I was at school and if I’m honest, I still am! 

I’m a bit of a rock chick at heart and love all things Grunge, Metal and Rock, but having said that I think I’ve got quite an eclectic taste in music.   I think Tori Amos is amazing (I was lucky enough to see her play a while back, it was an emotional gig) and have all No Doubts albums.  I love hair metal (yes, I did just admit that) and Led Zeppelin is one of my favourite bands, but I also like Funk, Soul and sometimes, old school hip-hop!  I don’t know what anyone else thinks but I think that’s quite a mix.

The music I love always has some influence on my style. At school and Uni, Courtney Love was a big influence on my style.  I’ve always loved the girly dresses toughened up with messy hair, leather jackets and the obligatory bright red lipstick and when I think about it, there’s still an element of that in my style now.  The only difference is that I’ve had to develop a more polished version of my old style...the flamingo pink hair I cherished at Uni will never return, but at least I did it while I could.

Courtney Love

I’ve spent the last couple of days really enjoying listening to Pearl Jam radio on Last FM (track after track of the likes of Mother Love Bone, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam...you get the idea) and now all I want to wear are my studded boots, girly dresses and fur coat. 

Dress - Warehouse
Belt - Second hand
Coat - Warehouse
Boots - Office

What influences your style?  Is it music, a film star or a particular decade?  I’d love to know.

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