Monday, 30 January 2012

Have I missed wearing leopard print?

I hoped that I’d end this challenge feeling inspired and looking forward to wearing my leopard print items again, but I’ve come down with a horrid cold - my throat feels like it’s been sand papered and I feel sick -so I’m just moping around in my pj’s.  

I did manage to pull together an outfit for my last day, but I think you can probably tell that I wasn’t really up for it.
Shirt from Asda, jeans from Donna Ida, shoes from Ash, scarf from Miss Selfridge, bag from Angel Jackson
Anyway, the question I need to ask myself is: have I missed my leopard print items? YES!  But that’s only really because most of my footwear is of the animal variety, so I’ve been left with a very limited selection of shoes to wear all week. 

It’s not until you take everything out of your wardrobe and really look at what you’ve got, that you can see what you’re repeatedly buying.  I’ve been through so many different wardrobes and know that most people get in to the habit of buying particular items over and over again (the most popular being jeans, black trousers or cardigans) but I didn’t think I was doing the same.  Well, it turns out I am.

So, while I’ve missed my print ever so much, I’ve been able to determined the gaps in my wardrobe that if I fill (bank account willing) I will be able to create an ever more versatile wardrobe… all in all, it was a very worthwhile exercise.

Is there an item you can't help buying...again and again, and again?


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shots from your challenge week - the skirt post is so pretty. Your challenges look like they are going well - any more planned? I still need to do one! : ) x

Niki said...

Thanks shipshape :) love your latest purchases...keep them all! xx

Josie said...

I really like your shirt! I can't stop buying grey jumpers, I'm so boring! xx

Niki said...

Josie, you're NOT boring! You've got a great sense of style and awesome taste in shoes :)