Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I found a bargain...

I don’t normally go anywhere near the sales.  I spend so much time in the shops with clients that when the sales finally come round I’ve seen enough of the stock and know that the best has probably been and gone.    However, last weekend we had to pop to Cribbs Causeway so I ventured into a few shops to see the new collections that are starting to come through, and guess what?  I was totally side tracked by the sale rails.  I spotted this skirt in the Warehouse sale, I’d bought it in red back in the summer and it was such a useful skirt, so when I saw it was an amazing £7, it had to be mine.
Maxi skirt from Warehouse
I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before, but I only buy something new if it will go with at least three other things already in my wardrobe. I know this probably sounds boring, but as a result, I’ve got very little in my wardrobe that I don’t wear!

So, to prove that it goes with a few things I already own, I thought I’d pull together some outfits for this. I could have made more outfits, but the lighting was starting to get really bad, so I called it a day.

This is my first outfit and I think it’s my favourite. I’ve teamed it with an ancient cardigan of mine that’s seen better days (I just can’t make myself get rid of it), I breathed new life into it by wearing it back to front. I love the neckline on it worn this way, it broadens my narrow shoulders. I like to wear maxi skirts in a boho/grungy/rock kinda way, so to finished the look I combined the skirt with these studded boots and vintage belt.
Cardigan from Topshop (7 years ago!!)
Boots from Asos
Earrings from a Holiday in Portugal
Vintage belt
Leather cuff from Hennes mens dept
Here’s another look.  I love this leather jacket, any opportunity to wear it and I will.  This silk top is a buy from Topshop a couple of years back, and the boots are from Ash (I spotted them on outnet.com and couldn’t resist them).  I’m also wearing one of my favourite necklaces.  If I don’t know what to wear then I’ll always go to this, it goes with everything and even better than that, it was made by one of my best friends Jane.  If you want to see more of her jewellery then you can see it here and find out more here
Leather jacket from Topshop
Silk top from Topshop
Bangles from India
Shoes by Ash from Outnet
Necklace by Jane Kenney
Sometimes I like to be a little more girly so I thought I’d try and pull together a different look to the last two.   I’m wearing this dress under the skirt so that it looks like a top.  I think it works quite well, although it’s definitely not an everyday outfit and I’m far more comfortable in something a little more casual or edgy. 
Dress from Warehouse
Earrings from French Connection
Pumps from KG
Finally, I thought I’d see if this shirt went with it.   It’s become a fall back item recently when I want to be cosy comfy, so I thought it would be perfect for a really dressed down look.  It’s not my favourite look of the four, but I think it works.
Shirt from Asda
Shoes as before
What do you think?  Do you give yourself the same rule to not buy something unless it goes with three things you already own, or is it just me?!


Anonymous said...

I like your theory, and it clearly works! I saw this skirt in Emerald Green and wish I'd bought it now! Love all those looks.
Bella x

Oh So said...

Great skirt I want it! Ive never thought to make sure a new item goes with other things ive already got but its such a good idea as I have sooo many clothes I dont wear! X

Sabrina said...

I love the way you were able to style this skirt so many different ways. My favorite is with the flannel. CHIC!!!

Niki said...

Bella, I loved the emerald green one too. They had a couple in store when I was in at the weekend, it's worth looking! x

Niki said...

Hey Oh So, next time you buy something try it, it really does work. I bet you've got loads of outfits you can wear, you just need to take some time out to play around with your clothes :) x

Niki said...

Thanks Sabrina :) x

Oh So said...

Hey Hon,

I think my favourite is the 1st look followed closely by 2nd look, I like the way you have swapped the cardigan around it looks cool.
You have inspired me to try my clothes in different ways with different outfits!


Niki said...

Hey Nay, thanks for the comment. I think the first one's my favourite too :) Love you're blog by the way! xx

daisychain said...

Wow, that is a bargain...such a versatile staple.

Niki said...

Hey Daisy chain...I know! Reckon I could make a few more outfits with it :)