Thursday, 12 January 2012

Vintage shopping in Frome

I had the afternoon off yesterday, so I took the opportunity to go to Frome. My job is quite seasonal so I like to make the most of my relatively quiet January. I’d heard great things about the shopping in Frome, I was promised vintage shops and quirky boutiques a plenty and I wasn’t disappointed!

I know this is a blog all about Bristol (and sometimes Bath) but Frome’s not really that far away and I just have to share my new discoveries with you.

The area you want to make a bee line for is St Catherines. There are around 100 shops in this area, but I wanted to share my favourites with you.

Millie Moon

Wow, this is a little haven of ribbon, buttons and bunting! As soon as I walked through the door I wanted to get my sewing machine out and start making. There was a wall full of sewing books along one side of the shop to inspire me even more. I’ll definitely be popping back with a list of things to get.


Mens clothing

Ant's handmade bags

Ant's had covered chair and cusions
Anthony looking very dapper!
This is one for the guys, although the home wear and gifts are great for us girls too (I wish I’d bought one of the underlay bags). It’s so refreshing to see an independent boutique for guys, selling something different from the high-street, something a little less obvious. Anthony who owns the shop makes his own bags and cushions, and these are showcased alongside some great clothing and army surplus.

Truly Sopel

Truly Sopel on Catherines Hill, Frome
I know it’s not very obvious, but I do have a girly side, I just like to mix it with a bit of rock and edge. Truly Sopel appealed to my girly side. The shop was styled like a boudoir, complete with bed and wardrobe. The bed was piled high with handmade cushions and the wardrobe, with cute little floral cropped tops, reminiscent of something you might have worn as a little girl. My favourite items in here though were the knickers!
Poot in Frome

I couldn’t resist going into this shop, the windows were bursting with vintage dresses and shoes selling great quality vintage clothing that sits alongside current designers Orion London, Olga De Polga & Spaghetti Western. If you like vintage hand bags, then this is the shop for you.

Make and Mend

This is another vintage shop, just down from Poot selling vintage clothing, retro toys and china along with some gorgeous, giant leather doctors bags. I fell in love with a huge carpet bag but, with it being so soon after Christmas I’m going to have to wait a little. Fingers crossed it’s still there when I go back.


Yet another vintage shop selling great quality items (I was loving going into vintage shop after vintage shop!). I spotted a couple of Burberry coats, and some beautiful silk scarfs (Pierre Cardin and Hermes no less) for £20. The clothes were in such good condition, they were clean and obviously very pre-loved.

So, you see, a visit to Frome is essential, especially if you love vintage shops!



violet bazaar. said...

I live in Frome, just up the road from Catherine Hill and absolutley adore it!!!

There is an Artisan Market on the 1st Sunday in Summer months and weekly farmers markets and vintage fairs.
Pearle Lowe even lives here!

Latest visitors of note are Mary Portas and Johnny Depp!

violet_bazaar. xox

Niki said...

Hi violet bazaar, what a great place to live! Will definately have to visit the artisan market :)

Sophie Palmer said...

Thanks so much for writing this post, I know i'm a bit late but I found it after googling 'vintage shopping frome' have heard loads of great stuff about the area and your blog post made sure I found St Catherines Hill! I've just linked your blog on mine over at xx