Thursday, 19 January 2012

Winter wedding in the Lake District

Regular readers will know that last week I wrote about what to wear to a winter wedding as I was heading to one myself.  If you missed it, you can read it here.  I talked about reviewing your wardrobe and reminding yourself what you’ve got before going out to buy a new outfit, using my own wardrobe as an example.   I thought you might like to know what I ended up wearing.

The wedding was in the Lake District, I’d been there before but I’d forgotten quite how stunning it is!  We arrived on the Friday evening and had Saturday morning before the wedding to explore…

The wedding itself was lovely, and Gina looked beautiful.  Her dress had been altered to include a piece of her mum’s lace wedding dress, what a lovely idea!  She also had these wellies in case of emergency.

I know it’s nice to buy something new for a special occasion, but I love to get out some of my old favourites and wear them again.  I wore my Whistles dress, Hobbs shoes and fur shrug, all of which I’ve had for yonks but made me feel great!  

I know I look a little uncomfortable, but it was freezing and there were a group of people getting kitted up for a hike right in front of me.
Dress from Whistles, shrug from Coast, shoes from Hobbs NW3, and earrings from French Connection.

Bag from Jigsaw, ring from House of Harlow and bangles are a mix of vintage, indian and accessorize.

Do you like to buy something new or wear an old favourite?


Cherry said...

You look lovely! I think it's fine to wear something you already have because you know you'll feel comfortable in it!

Niki said...

Thanks Cherry :) I agree, it's a crime to have lovely things that you feel great in, hanging in the wardrobe, unworn. x