Saturday, 25 February 2012

It's Time To Shake Up Your Wardrobe

The sale stock has almost disappeared (well except for a few sorry looking items lingering at the back of the stores) and the spring collections are starting to make an appearance.  I love this time of year, spring is on it’s way and it’s time to pull my spring/summer wardrobe out of hibernation and send my winter wardrobe packing. 

But before I hit the shops for a spot of retail therapy, I always re-asses my wardrobe from last year and remind myself what I have.
Photo taken by the fantastic Sean Malyon
This might sound a little boring, but while it might be nice to buy a whole new wardrobe each season, it’s not necessary.  In fact it’s a crime to ditch a whole load of clothes that fit and look great, just because you think they’re out of fashion.  You know as well as I do, that the trends we see season after season, don’t change that radically (tribal prints anyone?)  So you’d only end up replacing what you bin with something really similar.  Isn’t it better instead, to add some new different pieces to your wardrobe and to constantly build and develop your style?   
One of my trend boards from S/S 2010
The other reason it’s a good idea to do this first, is that we’re creatures of habit, we all have our favourite shops and are drawn to the same style of clothing again and again - including me, remember this?...

It’s only natural and can be a good thing, but not when it prevents us from trying something new and broadening our horizons.

Taking a look at your current wardrobe should help you to not only indentify the gaps, but to spot your repeat purchases, the things you end up buying, when you were really looking for something else.  Once you’ve identified these, you can gently nudge yourself out of your comfort zone.  Re-assessing your wardrobe may sound like a boring exercise, it’s actually a fantastic way to add some new, different items to your wardrobe that gently push you to develop your style! 

Do you revisit your wardrobe each season, if so, what tips do you have?  Let me know by commenting below, Niki x

P.S.  Over the next week I’ll be regularly uploading posts featuring my take on the trends for the season, with suggestions on how to make them work for you and illustrated with my fave picks from the high-street so far so don’t go away!


helenp said...

This post makes me want to hit the shops! Also looking forward to seeing the stock coming into Naomi's shop. (@Boutique_33)

Niki said...

Hey Helen, me too! x

SJP said...

After I've been shopping I try to get rid of an item for every new one I've bought, which helps as I end up reevaluating my wardrobe quite frequently. x

daisychain said...

I can't wait for your upcoming posts! x

Niki said...

Hey SJP, that's a great idea, but pretty ruthless! x

Niki said...

Thanks Laura, hope I don't disappoint! :) xx