Monday, 26 March 2012

Three ways to wear a cream lace dress

This post was scheduled to be up last week, but Alex and I spent the week driving around the UK saying our goodbyes to friends and family so I didn’t want to spend time blogging on my own when I could be seeing people instead.

This is the last post that will include Hendrix as we dropped him off at his new home by the sea before coming back to Bath.  It’s strange getting up and not being greated by him first thing in the morning and not having him snuggling under my desk.   Hendrix on the other hand, probably isn’t bothered in the slightest…

So, here is my last three ways to wear featuring Hendrix. 
Dress from Zara (of course!)
1. Leather jacket from Topshop (years old), belt from Topshop, necklace from Tina Lillenthal, Ballet pups from Dune.
2. Cropped denim waistcoat from Topshop, Scarf from Miss Selfridge, Belt vintage, boots from Zara.
3. Scarf from TKMaxx, belt from French Connection, bangles a mix of vintage and Indian, boots from Zara.

I know I wax lyrical about how awesome lace is but I can’t stop myself!  It’s one of my favourite fabrics, is great for day or night and mixes so well with the other trends of the season. 

This is the dress that features in my next column for Folio magazine.  I normally buy the items I feature and take them back to the store when I’m finished, but this time I couldn’t part with it.   The shape works well on my pear shape and I love mixing cream lace with leather and studs - Courtney Love style. 

I love the shape of the dress, so I decided to keep it simple and use accessories to alter the look, but if you wanted to try something different you could swap the matching slip for another colour or layer a t-shirt over the top and tie it in a knot to pull it in at the waist.  It’s amazing how many looks you can get from one dress!

How would you wear it? Do you have a favourite dress that can be worn countless ways?

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Three weeks to go...!

If you’re a regular reader of Hip Shapes And Bristol Fashion then you may have read this post where I mentioned that I'd just come back from India.  I also hinted that there was a lot to share, so here goes…

I’m moving to Bangalore for a year at the beginning of April!!!

There, I’ve said it.

It’s been a really hard thing for me to talk about, as, although I’m over the moon and can’t wait, it’s meant that I’m having to change my current business in Bristol.  This is something that I’m really sad about doing, as I’m really enjoying what I’ve got going on at the moment.

Living abroad is one of those things that we’ve always talked about doing, we nearly moved to Australia when we were first married, but it wasn’t the right time.  So when there was a possibility of moving to India with my husband’s job, we had to give it some serious thought. 

We’ve been living with my parents in Bath for almost a year now, after selling our flat in Bristol. So with no home, no kids and everything already in storage, we decided that we couldn’t pass up such an opportunity as India is such an amazing, beautiful, crazy place!

So what is going to happen to my business? 
Well, it’s really taken off over the past three years and I have enjoyed every minute of it so I’m not about to abandon it.  I love my job very much…helping people to develop their own style, to grow in confidence and achieve goals as a result is extremely rewarding and not something I’m prepared to stop doing anytime soon.

I’ll be splitting my time between India and the UK allowing me to make the most of the Indian experience and give my clients what they want in the Bristol / Bath area - so you’ll probably spot me out and about in town when I come back to see clients throughout the year. I’ve also got some exciting new services planned which I can’t wait to tell you all about (I'm currently keeping them a secret so watch this space!).  

I’m hoping that my blog will be a big part of my life while I’m away and am planning to take it a little more seriously.  It’s something I love doing but I know that I need to put some structure and planning in place so I can grow it into something that resembles a bigger and better blog.  I just hope that you’ll all be right there with me, it will be strange living in such a different place so far away so if you’re up for it, please continue to follow me and comment.  I love to hear your comments; they honestly do make my day :)

My time in India will be a fantastic opportunity to take some time out and reflect on where I am and where I want to be. I’m constantly planning and coming up with ideas to push my business forward; there are new personal stylists cropping up all the time so I try to make sure that I’m one step ahead.  India will give me the time and distance to put some of my plans and dreams into reality as well as some serious inspiration and excellent experiences to draw upon.

But what about Hendrix I hear you say? !
Well, I will miss him so much, he's my little friend and keeps me company everyday...and lets be honest, he makes my photos far more interesting! But it's just not fair to take him with us so he's off to Hornsea to stay with Al's parents.  He'll have the time of his life with walks on the beach and swimming in the sea...just hope he remembers me when we come back!

If you're still here (thanks for reading!), then here are some pictures from our recent trip to Bangalore...

Can you spot the goose?
There is store after store of beautiful bangles, shoes, ribbons and fabric, I won't be able to resist!
We were there over Valentines day so we had a romantic meal on the roof of our hotel, it was stunning.
Wow, that's probably my longest post yet!  If you've got this far then thanks for reading.  I've got so much to do over the next couple of weeks - juggling clients and packing - but I'll try to keep posting,

Have you been to India before? Is it somewhere you'd like to go? Any tips on what I should take other than a giant box of Yorkshire Tea!?

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Three Ways To Wear A Dipped Hem Skirt

I've had such a crazy week this week (I’ve been shopping with clients in the day and sorting out their wardrobes in the evening just so I can fit everyone in!) that I almost ran out of time to do the weekly Three Was To Wear Post.  But my hubby has nipped out to walk Hendrix so I thought I'd take the opportunity to get this post up.

I’ve spotted so many dipped hem dresses and skirts around recently and, I don’t know about you, but I'm really liking them.  They were around last season too, but the fabrics were so thin and I’m such wimp when it comes to the cold that I couldn’t bring myself to wear them.  But with summer on its way there’s no stopping me.

I bought this dress back at the beginning of December and have been dying to wear it.  I’m not that keen on getting my legs out, so a skirt that’s long at the back makes me feel a little more confident about having bare legs in the summer. 

There are so many ways to wear this dress, but here are three f my favourites...

Dress from Zara

  1. Tied t-shirt from Topshop, bangles a mixture of vintage and high-street, boots from Zara.
2. Jacket from Zara, belt from Topshop, shoes - Finsk from Faith.
3. Denim jacket from Zara, cropped white t-shirt from Topshop, belt from a pair of trousers, pumps from New Look.

A bit of a Zara always!
What do you think to dipped hem skirts and dresses? What's your favourite look?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tribal Tendencies

This is a trend that we’re all getting rather familiar with, it’s around season after season but have to admit I love it. You must think I love all the trends this season, but that’s really not the case…as you will find out in some of my next posts. There’s something about the sunshine that makes me embrace a more bohemian style…with a little rock chick thrown into the mix of course!
Images thanks to
There are so many ways to work this trend, from loud prints to tribal inspired jewellery so you’ll have no trouble introducing it into your wardrobe. Accessories are the easiest way to work this trend, but if you want to go all out, then there are some totally tribal trousers or printastic playsuits around.  Here are my favourite picks on the high-street at the moment…

1. Leopard print scarf from Miss Selfridge
2. Sunburst pendent, House of Harlow from Pod in Clifton Village
3. Tie dye trousers from Zara
4. Tribal print dress from Matalan
5. Orange peg leg trousers from Monsoon
6. Sandals from Accessorize
7. Leather bag from House of Fraser
8. Tribal cropped t-shirt from ASOS
9. Playsuit from Fat Face
10. Necklace from Zara
11. Trousers from Monsoon
12. Cuff from Oasis
13. Gold tribal heart earrings from Pod in Clifton Village
Laura from A Daisy Chain Dream looks fabulous in the dress from Matalan take a look here for some inspiration.

Here’s how I’ll be wearing this trend...

Totaly Tribal

Totaly Tribal by nikiwhittle featuring bohemian style dresses

Do you like this trend? How will you be wearing it?

Friday, 2 March 2012

Luscious lace

Lace is a fabric that I always lust after, I don’t know why, but whenever I see it in a shop I just have to go up and touch it.  I got married almost four years ago and my wedding dress was made from the most beautiful beaded lace, I just loved it!  So as you might have guessed, this is another trend that I intend to make the most of.

Emilio Pucci
Louis Vuitton

Images thanks to

Last season lace was a big trend, but it was one for the bad girl.  Gothic chic was huge and I made the most of it, satisfying my desire for something more edgy to mix with my already, predominantly black wardrobe.  But this season the good girl has fought back, and the trend has evolved into something softer and more romantic with lashings of white, cream, soft sorbet shades and girly shapes. 

Despite this, I really feel that this is a trend that can be adapted to suit all styles.  Girly, edgy, classic or sexy, it will work for all.  Here are a few of my favourites from the high-street so far…
1. Dorothy Perkins. 2. Zara. 3. Mint Velvet. 4. Next. 5. Zara. 6. Zara. 7. ASOS. 8. Zara. 9. Oasis
This is how I’d like to wear lace this season, how about you?

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Three Ways To Wear A Printed Jacket

My last post was all about print so I thought that for my next ‘Three Wasy To Wear’ post, I’d carry on from this and pick something in a bold print.

This jacket is from Zara…I have a kind of love hate relationship with it.  The colours are so good and the print is stunning but on the hanger, it doesn’t look great.  I spotted this blazer on the website a few weeks ago and couldn’t decide what I thought of it, so when I spotted it on a shopping trip with a client, I vowed to go back and try it on when I’d finished.  It came home with me.  I have to admit, I’m still not too sure whether to keep it or not, I do think my wardrobe could do with an injection of colour and print and I can make a whole heap of outfits with it; however it really is VERY bold!

First outfit: Jacket from Zara, stripe t-shirt from Whistles, necklace from Urban Outfitters, vintage bangles, jeans from Mimi Noor, shoes from Ash.
Second outfit: Earrings from House of Harlow, dress from Tophop, belt from Topshop, boots from Zara.
Third outfit: T-shirt form Evil Twin, necklace, as before, Jeans from Donna Ida, Boots from Zara.

First, I wanted to illustrate that a jacket like this can easily be worn in the day, quite casually. I’ve teamed it with a stripe t-shirt, something that’s great to have in the wardrobe.  If you’re someone who lives in white t-shirts in the summer then a striped version will just add a little more interest under jackets and knitwear. 

Next, I wanted to pull together a more summery outfit.  I can’t wait to wear this when it warms up a little more (and after some serious fake tan application too), it’s so comfortable and so me.  My leather jacket would be my usual go to jacket; however the colour of this probably does far more for me and gives the outfit a slightly different look, more boho than rock chick.

The last outfit is a little print mixing, you all know how much I like to mix my prints so you must have been expecting to see something like this one.  I think the floral jacket sits well over the skull design t-shirt, while the black skinny jeans tie the outfit together.  Sure, a cardigan would work well here too, but I tend to prefer jackets for layering as they will often enhance curves more…sometimes a long, loose, cardigan can swamp the frame.

So what do you think?  Will you be running to the shops to find a printed jacket, or sticking to block colours?