Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bike riding…in a lake

A couple of weeks ago, Al and I went mountain biking.  For me, it was the first time in over a year (I know, that’s a LONG time!).  I used to mountain bike quite a bit a few years back, but then for a number of reasons –  the main one being that we spent every free hour, and penny, renovating our flat in Bristol – it became a rare thing. 

I was always a fair-weather rider so when we’d finished the flat and had more free time to go riding again, the British weather gave me plenty of excuses to put it off.  You see, I’m not naturally a sporty person.  I hated it at school and would try anything to get out of school sports day.  So when I stopped riding, I forgot how much I enjoyed it and was convinced that I’d be terrible at it…and super unfit. Me being me, I preferred to stay away from my bike, instead of going out and proving myself wrong.

Moving to India has felt a bit like a new start for me.  I have plenty of opportunity to do what I want to do and to try new things, so it seemed like the right time for me to get out on my bike again and remind myself what I was missing…and with the weather being great over here, I've run out of excuses.  

It took us a while to work out where to go riding.  The roads in Bangalore are the worst place to ride a bike so it needed to be somewhere rural.  Eventually we discovered Hesaraghatta Lake; it looked like there was a trail going all the way round, making it a great place for a first ride. It turned out that the lake had dried up a few years ago, like many of the lakes in and around Bangalore.  As for the trail, well it was a ‘make it up as you go along’ type route. It was a strange sight, but an awesome place to ride…the trails were dry, the sun was shining and with there being no water, we had plenty of open space to play with. 

Storing our bikes has proved a little tricky, as we don't have a garage or garden, but we think we've found the perfect place:

I’m sure there will be more bike related posts like this in the future, with there being so few places to cycle in Bangalore, it makes sense to document the good rides we’ve found.


daisychain said...

Ohh, I love cycling, fascinating to see your perspective, I cant wait to see more x

Anonymous said...

Great post Nik Nik
Love Jane xx

Anonymous said...

Wicked post - ave you tried driving in Bangalore yet!? A guy I work with said it's crazy - and he's from there!

Niki said...

Thanks! Makes a change from the wet trails in Bristol. Although I don't know if I prefer muddy, bug free trails to dry trails with GIANT scary bugs?!

Niki said...

Thanks Janey Jane :) xxx

Niki said...

Hey Sarah, yeah the roads are insane over here, I've never seen anything like it! Road signals and indicators are a pointless over here, horns are the way forward...apparently!