Saturday, 12 January 2013

Festive Fashion Everyday

You probably spent ages deciding what to wear to the Christmas parties and felt great strutting your stuff on New Years Eve, but before you knew it the party season was over.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to put your fancy frock to the back of the wardrobe, oh no!

One of my favourite things to do while I’m going through a client’s wardrobe is to show them how to wear their ‘I’m keeping them for a special occasion’ outfits, everyday. I know it’s nice to keep a few things for a really special event, but isn't it a shame to hardly ever wear the clothes that you feel so great in! Am I alone in thinking this? Do you prefer to keep dressy things for dressy occasions?

Well, in an attempt to try and encourage you to wear your special clothes more often, I’ve pulled together three different party looks and then dressed each of them down, not once, but three times!

First up

The Little Black Dress

Warehouse / Platform shoes / Zara sequin handbag / Topshop tear drop earrings / Zara studded belt

LBD Three ways

Warehouse / AllSaints crop top / Topshop military jacket / Wolford hosiery / Goldie maxi skirt / Kurt Geiger leather shoes / Jeffrey Campbell wedge boots / ALDO flat shoes / Warehouse mini satchel handbag / H&M leather shoulder bag / Chandelier earrings / River Island purple beanie

Next up

Statement Trouser

StatementTrouser Three Ways

And finally



Warehouse / J Brand slim jeans / Office peep toe heels / Accessorize clutch / Topshop

Sequin Top, Three Ways

Jigsaw shawl collar cardigan / Warehouse sparkly top / River Island oversized cardigan / Capri / Topshop acid wash jeans / Topshop / Jigsaw slouchy boots / Converse shoes / KG Kurt Geiger suede booties / Topshop cross body handbag / AllSaints / Belt / Zara Tiger Shopper

So what do you think? Will you be tempted to look at your favourite party piece in a new light?

Friday, 11 January 2013

Nine Months On...

This time last year, Alex and I were trying to decide whether to leave our lives in Bristol and make a scary move to India for a year.   I’ve never seen so many spreadsheets or pieces of paper listing the pro’s and cons.  It was funny to see how different our decision making processes were.  Alex is the king of spreadsheets, he really is, and me? Well I like to fill giant pieces of paper with lots of colour and scribbles.   While our stack of workings helped us gather our thoughts, they were never going to help us actually make the decision, we just had to jump…or not.

We jumped.

I think we both knew we’d live to regret it if we didn't and nine months on we’re pleased we did.  The longer we’re here the more we love it - we travel, experience things we just wouldn’t have the opportunity to back at home, and we’re never bored, never short of things to do…even a normally mundane weekly trip to the super market is an experience!  So, except for my occasional desire to try and change things here and despite witnessing all the problems the country faces, I’m really happy to be here and am not ready to leave just yet.

Christmas was a big test of this.  Neither of us have ever spent Christmas this far away from our families before and we missed them so much, I think it was the first time in the last nine months that we’d felt so far away from home.   But it wasn’t all sad, my sister Katy and her fiancĂ© Liam joined us for a couple of weeks over Christmas and New Year and wow it was special.  Katy has been to India before and was unbelievably excited to be back, it was amazing to be able to share our experience with them and I loved seeing India for the first time again, through Liam’s eyes.   Half way through their visit we were joined by two more friends for New Year, it really was two weeks I’ll never forget.



All of these photo's except for New Years day and Kerala, were taken by my very talented Alex :)

Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know I’m a little late in wishing you a very happy New Year but we've had friends and family staying for the last couple of weeks and have been on a whirl wind tour of Bangalore and Kerala.  It was just amazing to have them stay with us in India, and even more amazing to be able to celebrate Christmas and New Year with them!
Our last guests left in the early hours of this morning and Alex went back to work, so I woke up feeling sad in a very empty and quiet apartment.  I have lots to share about our Indian style Christmas and New Year but right now I need to get on with finishing my latest column for Folio magazine (and attempting to take my mind off the fact that my friends have just left).
Anyway, here’s a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago.  Until next time, Niki x
Yes, we went to yet another flea market, they’re so regular in Bangalore that I’m starting to become accustomed to them…it will be hard returning home and not having these to look forward to every couple of months.  This time we went with a group of friends, which always makes it more fun.

As usual, there were lovely handmade crafts and knick knacks; it was the perfect place to get last minute stocking fillers, but my favourite stall was this one selling wrapping paper and little note books made from old newspapers.