Monday, 25 March 2013

Lou's Look Book

Last week I came across Lou’s plea for help on her beautiful blog Little Green shed.   She was having a bit of a wardrobe dilemma and was after some direction to help her develop her style. She’d pulled together a wardrobe wish list but was having trouble sourcing this is what I do for a living and I love it, so I couldn’t resist helping.  

Her criteria was:
* stylish
* cool
* well made (i.e. not going to fall apart after a few washes)
* timeless (I want to buy now and wear it still in 5 years time)
* not too young (I'm middle aged don't you know! and no using the word mutton)
* yet good for my low budget

And her wish list was:
1. A good breton top (loose fit, good quality fabric, traditional French in style)
2. An emerald green cardigan / top
3. A tunic dress with pockets (navy)
4. Denim shirt
5. Leopard print pumps
6. Swedish hasbeen ankle boots
7. Several beaded necklaces
9. A long black skirt

It’s quite a list of things and not unlike what I’d normally be sourcing for my clients, so after about an hour of searching online, I pulled together this look book for her using Polyvore (if you’ve not heard of Polyvore, head over and take a look, I use it SO much for clients and my can follow me here).

Wardrobe wish list

I’ve been sharing my latest lusts with you recently, but wouldn’t it be ace if you shared yours with me so that I could pull together a little style file for you like I did for Lou?!   I’m not talking complete wardrobe overhauls…you need to see me here for that, but if you’re looking for a little guidance on how to wear the neon trend, or where to find your perfect LBD then ask me!  Either, comment below or email me here.  Go on, what’s stopping you?!


Anonymous said...

Love this idea - that Polyvore moodboard is ace! I love your 'three ways to wear' posts - they're always inspiring :) I want to wear more shirts but with, ahem, a larger chest I find it hard to not look 'mumsy' in them - any tips? x

katy said...

Great niki! Have you thought about using pinterest a bit more? Pinning styles and getting others to pin or re pin things they like. You can then comment on them.

I have a wish list item you could help me with. I really want a few nice tops that I could wear in a number of ways.

So, when I go out I don't always want to wear dresses, but I struggle to find an alternative. I have casual, quite plain tops, or smarter work shirts, that I don't tend to wear out because I associate them with work. So could you recommend something that it is funky and a bit special (not too covered up!) That I could team with some trousers and heels for going out but that I could throw a cardigan on top of and wear with jeans and pumps for a day out. Is this possible or am I asking too much from one little top!

Niki said...

Hey Sarah, I have many tips! I'll do a post for you later in the week :) so pleased you like the idea, it's always great to have some feedback! X

Niki said...

That's a really interesting idea Katy, definitely one to investigate! I'd love to solve this for you and have a few great options, keep your eyes peeled for your look book soon! Xx