Friday, 15 March 2013

Pretty Inspired

I’m a pretty disorganised person, well except for when it comes to my business…and my wardrobe, but pretty much every other aspect of my life is nothing more than organised mess at the best of times.  One thing that’s really been bothering me lately is the jumble of ‘stuff’ cluttering my desk and gathering dust. 

I’ve always been someone who takes photos, collects magazine cuttings and makes notes of things that inspire me, but my disorganised nature means that I hoard them rather than actually doing anything with them.  I went on holiday to Portugal over a year ago with my husband and his parents; I must have taken hundreds of photos of beautiful tiles only to file them away on my computer never to be seen again!  Enough is enough, I’m exploring designing again and am in a really creative place at the moment - the time has come to try and bring this mess into something I can actually draw from.  So, from now on, I’ll store them on my blog instead. I think it’ll be the perfect place!

And what better way to start than posting some of those pretty tiles :)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! Can I pin them on Pinterest? Corinne x

Niki said...

Thanks! Sure :) x

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean - I have so many photos that I haven't done anything with, printed out or even turned into a screensaver - it's lovely to go back and look at them but it's much better when you can look at them all the time, and others can enjoy them too : )