Sunday, 17 March 2013

Three Ways To Wear :Denim Shirt

This denim shirt is a relatively new addition to my wardrobe. It hadn’t occurred to me that I might get chilly over here, I mean it’s India, it’s hot all the time right?!  Well, I guess that after 10 months of living here I’ve become accustomed to the weather…so much so that I now have a blanket over our sofa so we can snuggle under it in the evenings.  Madness!

When I snapped up this shirt I don’t think I realised quite how versatile it would be.  It’s quickly become a wardrobe staple for me out here, I through it on over most outfits as it’s the perfect weight to keep me warm enough without getting too hot.  Don’t you love it when you discover a whole new collection of outfits just by adding one new piece to the mix!

Denim shirt - Levis. Dress - Zara. Belt - Warehouse. Bangles - India. Shoes - KG. Jumper - Zara. Jeans - J Brand. Shoes - Ash. Skirt - Topshop. Boots - Zara. Belt - Topshop.


Alex said...

I soooo need the perfect denim shirt! Love the last look with the long skirt :) x

Marie Martell said...

Great inspiration! Thanks for stopping by :)

xo Marie

katy said...

I love my denim shirt. Have to actually stop myself from wearing it! look in h&m Alex, they have so many in at the moment in loads of different styles.