Friday, 26 April 2013

Being Brave With Neon

I’ve started wearing far more colour recently.  The Indian women always look stunning draped in colourful saris and I feel pretty drab in comparison when I’m dressed head to toe in black.  But while I’m introducing more colours to my outfits, there is one shade my wardrobe’s not too familiar - Neon.   A friend of mine bought me such a pretty scarf for my birthday last year, it's a mixture of nude tones and fluro colours and I love it, but as for wearing clothes in highlighter shades, well that’s a BIG step outside of my comfort zone.

I’m always pushing my clients and encouraging them out of their comfort zone, so every so often I like to try and do the same to myself…I guess it’s only fair, right?  So, with that in mind, I took myself off to Zara (one of the few western retailers to open in Bangalore) to find a neon item worthy of a place in my wardrobe.  I found heaps of brightly coloured accessories that I’d I’ve gladly taken home with me, but that would have been far too easy, and besides I have a ton of accessories already.  No, it had to be an item of clothing.  I have to admit, I was struggling but then I spotted this cute collared blouse and after trying it on, I was convinced it was the one.

The shape is so pretty and although it’s VERY bright, the print design somewhat breaks up the colour a little.  Of course I had to team it with my black jeans and black pumps (I’m not that over black) but I think it would look great tucked into these spotted trousers or this skirt.  What do you think?  Do you every try to push yourself out of your comfort zone, or is it just me?

Top, Zara. Jeans, Donna Ida, Pumps, KG. Necklace, Diana Porter.


Style Eyes said...

I am really loving neon yellows, greens and oranges although I don't feel quite right wearing them until the weather warms up a bit. The colours of Indian clothes is definitely an inspiration to me. I really love your pretty blouse. I think with colour it takes getting used to, then you can't get enough of it!

Niki said...

You're so right; the more I venture into colour, the more I want to! x

Blxd Fshn said...

Hi Niki, Loving the yellow top with bird print, btw we have put up your interview on our blog, and we shall start sharing some of your posts soon.
How long are you in Bangalore?