Thursday, 25 April 2013

Lusting Lately : Studded Fashion

It’s no secret that I love anything that’s studded, whether it’s a studded belt, bag or shoes, they pretty much always feature in my outfits.  It’ll be no surprise to you then, that I’m lusting after all the clothes and accessories adorned in studs!  A lot of the items on the high street can easily be recreated at home - all you need are a selection of studs (I buy mine from here) and a pair of pliers, but some of the things are a tad complicated or would simply take days to do.

The top below is my favourite, it has a late seventies rock thing going on which I’m kinda into at the moment (I’m talking Led Zep, Deep Purple and Sabbath seventies rock, NOT the ‘hair metal’ variety)

Lusting Lately : Studded fashion

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daisychain said...

I can't get enough of studs right now! x