Wednesday, 15 May 2013

In With The Old

I love flowers (I’m a textile designer so I guess it’s to be expected) but while I love photographing and drawing flowers, they don’t often feature in my outfits - I tend to stick to graphic prints or the animal variety instead.  But when the sun is shining and I’m surrounded by beautiful (and exotic!) flowers, I do find myself being more and more drawn towards florals.

I know that the high-street is bursting with clothes and accessories covered in gorgeous florals so it would have been really easy to go out and buy something new to fill the floral gap in my wardrobe, but I always like to remind myself what I have before hitting the shops and it’s just as well...

This top (well, actually it’s a dress that I’m wearing as a top) is about five or six years old and I haven’t really worn it much in the last couple of years.  It’s been stored out of sight along with some other clothes that I didn’t want to get rid of, but knew I wasn’t going to wear again for a while.

Sometimes I wear something so much in the first year or so of its life, that I find I get bored of it.   It still fits and I still like it but I just get tired of wearing it; in instances like this I just store them and re-visit them later.  I carry this mantra through to my job too.  I’m not the kind of personal stylist who says you must get rid of everything you’ve not worn for a year.  If something doesn’t fit anymore, or is way past repairing, then fair enough.  But throwing out perfectly good clothing that you enjoyed wearing?  No chance.
Dress - Warehouse. Maxi skirt - Whistles. Belt - Topshop. Jacket - Topshop. shoes - office. Ring - Republic Of Chic (Bangalore)

It was actually kinda cool to re-discover this old favourite and re-styling it with a new skirt has definitely earned a spot back in my wardrobe.

What about you?  Do you religiously sort out your wardrobe each season, binning things you’re no longer wearing?  Or do you prefer to hang onto them just in case?


SJP said...

Hurrah for florals (I'm a big fan). I like how you've teamed it with signature animal print and studs :)

Niki Whittle said...

Thanks! I still can't move away from leopard print and studs :) I love the outfits you pull together with bold floral prints, I wish I was a little braver

Carly Tati said...

Love the pattern mixing here, very cute:) It's awesome when you can make old look totally new. I have also done textile design, always drawn to patterns!