Monday, 20 May 2013

Look Book : How To Style Peg Leg Trousers For Summer

A few weeks back, one of my lovely clients got in touch asking for some advice on how to style a couple of pairs of peg leg trousers for the summer.

"I’m looking through my wardrobe at the moment to get ready for Spring/Summer and I’m not feeling inspired! I have loved all the pieces I bought with you in October but there are two pairs of trousers I haven’t worn yet. I’m planning on wearing the two pairs of cropped Oasis trousers I bought with you now that the weather is going to (hopefully) warm up, but I’m not sure what to put them with as they 
are a new style for me."

Peg leg trousers are a great item to have in the wardrobe, they’re perfect for work, home and evenings out so they really will get a lot of wear.  But while they might be versatile, there are a couple of things to bear in mind when pulling together your outfits.  Firstly, if your trousers have pleats around the hips or waist then make sure you tuck your tops into them.  If you don’t, the pleats will add bulk under the top and will be unflattering.  And secondly, keep an eye on the length of the trousers; cropped trousers rarely come in leg lengths so you may find they need shortening (or lengthening) a little to fit properly.

My favourite look with trousers like this is teamed with brogues and a little blouse, but as you can see there are plenty of great ways to style them up!

How to style peg leg trousers - Gaynor

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How to wear peg leg trousers - Gaynor

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Sarah said...

Hi Niki

I love your styling tips.

I would like some advice about jeans. I wear them all the time and would like to try new things. So... What can I wear INSTEAD of jeans?

Thank you

Niki Whittle said...

Hi Sarah,

Thank you, I'm chuffed to bits that you like my styling tips! I don't think you're alone in wearing jeans all the time, they're so easy to wear and are super practical too. But, there are plenty of other options...I'll pull together some suggestions for you next week :)

Ga101 said...

Thank you so much for responding to my question. I ran out and bought quite a few pieces and have been wearing them non stop. Everyone at work has been commenting on how stylish I am!

Niki Whittle said...

You're welcome! I'm soooooo pleased to hear that you bought some of the itmes and are enjoying wearing them!! x