Monday, 24 June 2013

Sorbet Sanctuary

Having an outside space to call our own is so important to Al and I, so when we moved to Bangalore we were determined to find somewhere to live that had a balcony or terrace.  We couldn’t imagine living in India and not being able to make the most of the beautiful weather! 

It took us three weeks to find our apartment and it’s the main balcony that won us over, it overlooks a park full of trees and is on the corner of the apartment block so we’re not over looked by anyone.  It’s our little haven away from busy Bangalore…it’s perfect.

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to enjoy our little haven as the apartment block was completely covered in scaffolding for a few months while it was repainted.   I couldn’t quite believe the scaffolding that went up; these guys would climb it effortlessly, with a bucket in one hand and a brush in the other – madness!
We didn’t realise how much we loved our little space until we couldn’t use it, but thankfully the scaffolding came down about a month ago and since then we’ve been slowly bringing the plants back out and have done a mini make over.  I say mini as all we’ve really done is paint the old plant pots in sorbet shades (inspired but the painted houses all over Bangalore) change the light fittings and add some solar lights, but it's made a huge difference!

We love having our little sanctuary back; the best thing is being able to watch the sun go down with homemade cocktails…

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Ceri said...

Love the sorbet colour pots. A beautiful and relaxing balcony and the homemade cocktails look delicious too.